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The Performance Experience

The fee for the Performance Experience is £175.00  payable to Prima Productions in full by Saturday 31st October 2015, or two instalments of £87.50  to be paid on Saturday 31st October 2015 and Saturday 30th January 2016.  

Fees are non-refundable.

Breakdown of total fee:

*All costume and production costs (not ballet / character shoes).

*7 Rehearsals inclusive of a ballet class - as listed in rehearsal schedule (27 hours)

*Prima Productions T. Shirt

*Professional photo shoot on morning of performance: Prints available to purchase.

*Dancer insurance

The performance will be filmed by a professional company.  DVDs are available to purchase for only £15.00.

Rehearsal Schedule:

Unlike other dance companies there is no weekly commitment. Rehearsals will be scheduled approximately once a month.  All we ask is for 100% commitment to the company and your fellow dancers.  

We endeavour to make your rehearsal schedule as easy and relaxed as possible.  Rehearsals are set in 3 hour blocks (excluding March) to enable parents to leave their children for the duration of the rehearsal.  Children who are travelling from a further distance or the same dance school, will be placed in the same rehearsal groups, where possible, to make travelling arrangements easier.

All rehearsals will be held in Yeovil, Somerset.  Venue given in your post audition pack.

                                                       10.00am-1.00pm        1.00pm-4.00pm

Sunday 8th November 2015                      Group A                     Group B

Sunday 29th November 2015                     Group A                     Group B

Sunday 13th December 2015                        Group A                     Group B

Sunday 10th January 2016                         Group A                     Group B


Sunday 7th February 2016                       Group A                     Group B

Sunday 6th March 2016                                Group A +B                Group A+B

Sunday 27th March 2016                          Group A+B                 Group A+B


When both groups rehearse from 10.00am-4.00pm in March, please bring a packed lunch.  A lunch break will be scheduled between 12.45pm-1.15pm.


Performance on Sunday 3rd April 2016 at The Octagon Theatre, Yeovil

Morning Dress Rehearsal: 10.00am – 1.00pm

Return to theatre at 4.30pm

Evening Performance 5.30pm

Approximate Finish Time: 8.00pm

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